Partnership with the Brazil Mata Viva group to promote the protection of nature, the economic and social inclusion of communities and the sustainable development of the regions.




Brazil Mata Viva is a methodology that was developed through a network of partner companies, whose mission is to generate and develop solutions Sustainability..

This methodology is based on the PES (Payments for Environmental Services), which generates as a product Credit Forest. This credit is generated from the preservation of forest areas (including PPAs and Legal Reserve) are in private farms or in public conservation areas. The Credit Forests is classified as an “intangible, incorporeal, tradable and transferable.”.

By Brazil Mata Viva Program, farmers are joined in ‘Development Centers’ through an association legitimized in open court, and undertake to preserve 100% of their ‘environmental assets’ (= native forests + your carbon stock + its biodiversity + water + land use + agricultural production).

The BMV program combines human activity, environmental protection, food production and renewable energy, providing the maintenance of life on the planet through actions that avoid deforestation associated with the improvement of living conditions of the local community.

Know more at: Brazil Mata Viva Website.