Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law, USP Law School. She holds a PhD, PhD and Master’s degree from the same institution. She is currently a Lead Researcher at the Environmental Applied Studies Group: Preventive and Reparative Damage Guardians (USP). Main areas of activity: sustainable consumption; reverse logistic; Solid wastes and post-consumer liability; Shared responsibility; Causal link; Contaminated areas; Civil liability for damages to the environment; environmental compensation. Lecturer in Brazil and abroad, has several published works, with emphasis on the book ‘Solid Waste and Post-Consumer Civil Liability’, by Editora Revista dos Tribunais. Vice President for the Southeast Region of the Institute The Right for a Green Planet. Coordinator, for the State of São Paulo, of the Association of Teachers of Environmental Law of Brazil – APRODAB. Member of CErSOL – Multidisciplinary Center for Studies on Solid Waste at USP.

Member of the European Environmental Law Association. Lawyer and environmental consultant in São Paulo, with emphasis on Environmental Law and Civil Law. She was Secretary of State for the Environment of São Paulo.