Brazil as well as all other countries in Latin America are scenarios of large ecological reserves. Extensive forests cover numerous areas of environmental protection. However, the region also shows a huge demand for environmental technologies and services. We would also like to focus special emphasis are the recurring environmental sanitation problems in the large urban cities. The demands are increasingly in need of evident public policies for new and increased investments in projects for the protection and conservation of their ecosystems which are known worldwide. In this sense it is becoming more and more necessary to strengthen the opening of new channels of cooperation and international exchange in the areas of environment sustainability.

The Gobal Biosphere Institute aims to promote and encourage the creation of new mechanisms of international cooperation and exchange in the fields of sustainable development, environmental protection, urban ecology, forest conservation, biodiversity conservation, alternative sources of energy, and social responsibility.

In particular, the Global Biosphere Institute, through its Department of International Affairs, aims to disseminate and strengthen the international network of institutions in the areas of the environment and sustainability of all countries around the world. Thus our institution seeks to encourage the creation of practical and effective forms of international cooperation and exchange in the environmental area, especially between developed as well as well as developing countries.

Special attention is concentrated by the Institute on the disclosure of environmental actions and initiatives of international organizations, including the United Nations, through the United Nations Development Program – UNDP, the United Nations Environment Program – UNEP and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO.

On the other hand, the Global Biosphere Institute promotes ongoing efforts to build stronger relationships, focusing on the environment, between government agencies as well as technical cooperation of all countries in the world, aiming at the realization of national or multinational projects that contribute to effective improvement for the quality of life of the population in the regions concerned. In short, within our natural limitations, we seek to add our actions for the cause of sustainable development on a global scale.