Environmental Entrepreneurship

The Biosphere Global Institute has as one of its priorities support and performance projects, actions and initiatives in the environmental entrepreneurship area. The main focus are highlighted towards initiatives to socially sensitive communities of populations located in the outskirts of large Brazilian cities.

The environmental entrepreneurship comprises the use of entrepreneurship tools with a focus on environmental sustainability. The increasingly restrictive character of environmental policies resulted in the expansion and incorporation of this concept in several organizations that begin to realize the importance of sustainability to maintain the brand image in the market.

The Companies that have included the environmental values in their corporate policies tend to achieve a higher valuation in the stock market. Create this market differentiation based on environmental values is part of the objectives of this strategy.


Government and Academic Exchange

In the environmental area, the Biosphere Global Institute maintains permanent exchange programs through partnerships with leading academic institutions, government and business in Brazil and abroad, related to environmental issues and sustainability.

In the international context, the entity maintains partnerships with important universities, research centers and civil society organizations from different countries, including Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia, as well as all the countries of Latin America.


Environmental workshops

The Biosphere Global Institute often promotes workshops and short duration courses that focus on training techniques, case studies and professional training. The courses and workshops generally last 1 to 5 days, and they are taught by experts in urban planning, environmental legislation, waste management, sustainable tourism, environmental management, and other topics.

In these nearly thirty years, the Biosphere Global Institute has conducted 98 courses and workshops, benefiting a total of 3,279 enrolled participants.


Our attitudes today design our future. Follow our work and help us to promote projects and actions in urban and environmental sustainability.