Meet the Biosfera

Founded in 1989, the Biosphere Global Institute works in the development of programs, projects, studies, surveys, actions and initiatives that promote environmental preservation, biodiversity conservation, forest conservation, the responsible use of environmental resources and sustainability.

Precursor in Brazil in the area, the Institute over nearly three decades of experience promoted more than a hundred events, recognizing companies and partner organizations that interact responsibly with nature and its resources. Besides the contribution to the strengthening of international environmental exchange, including agreements and partnerships with institutions in dozens of countries, the Biosphere Global Institute actively contributes to the formation of thousands of Brazilian professionals through courses and training programs with social and environmental focus.

Meet our projects. We are one of the oldest and most traditional non-governmental brazilian institutions, non-profit and 100% dedicated to environmental protection, sustainable development and urban sustainability.


Promote and disseminate actions and initiatives focused on sustainable development and in accordance with international standards set by the United Nations, through the UNEP / UNDP and the Global Compact, involving the productive sector and society around practices that promote sustainability.


Contribute to the construction of a new moment in Brazil, where economic development will be made compatible with environmental protection and social appreciation.
Contribute to forest protection and biodiversity and build sustainable cities that promote a better quality of life for its population.


We respond by our attitudes, demonstrating transparency and ethics in all situations and with all stakeholders.
Ethics in what we do. Transparency as we speak. Truth in what we live.
We act thinking about the collective, trying to realize a shared dream.

Our attitudes today design our future. Follow our work and help us to promote projects and actions in urban and environmental sustainability.